We are glad that you are interested in the wholesale sale of our bio cotton underwear.

You can find here our wholesale products and prices, click.

If you like our products, fill our Order form. Details below.

We are mainly looking for wholesale partners in the EU.

Thank you for your interest in our premium quality bio cotton underwear. Our manufacture is located in Hungary, so we send all deliveries from Hungary to our partners.


If you are ordering from us for the first time, we recommend that you should order a smaller sample package for testing.

Minimum order value: €200

We don't have size packages, so you can order as many of any size as you like, even one piece per size. All products are in stock.

The wholesale order is made using the traditional method, by filling out an order form.

Download and fill our actual Order Form:

On the order form, fill in the piece numbers of the products you want to order and the delivery address. Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions.

After filling out the order form, send it to our email address: info@dianaslingerie.com

After we have received the order form, we will contact you by email within 48 hours. We will send you payment information and estimated delivery time.



We have two delivery methods.

  • Delivery to your home/shop/warehouse directly 
  • Delivery to a pick-up point

Our main and cheapest delivery partner is Packeta.  In the list below, we show the shipping costs for both types.

Delivery fees:
Country Pick-up point Direct address
Sweden  €18 €24
Finland  €21 €30
Denmark  €17 €20
Germany  €9 €15
Austria - €13
Switzerland  - €29
Italy €17 €15
France €17 €17
Netherlands €18 €18
Czech Republic €6 €12
Slovakia €6 €11
Belgium €20 €20
Portugal €15 €16
Spain €13 €13
UK - €27
USA - €75


If you order from a country which is not on the list, we will provide you information in email. Click here to select the nearest pick up point.

The package delivery fee may vary slightly depending on the weight of the package.

During special periods (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.), the delivery time may be longer.

We hope that you will like our offer and that we will soon be among our partners. :)

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